Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let's Scrap 4-25-12 Sketch

Happy Sunday everyone!!

Hope you all are getting a lot of crafting done. If not, hopefully you're relaxing and enjoying your day. This layout I'm sharing with you today I started Friday night and I ran out of ATG tape!! So I just finished what I could and packed everything in one of my page planners until I could finish it. Worked at Hobby Lobby yesterday so I bought some more tape before I started my shift. :D

So this layout is for Let's Scrap's sketch 4-25-12 which is happening right now through Tuesday. The B team has some really great takes on this sketch and you can find them on the main page here.
I had to do my page on our kitten, Nightfury. This is the first day we brought him home from the Humane Society and he was just the sweetest/cutest ball of fur ever. But then again, I might be a little biased. He was my surprise Christmas present from my DH and when I picked him out at the Humane Society I just knew he was the one for us. When I picked him up and held him(like you would a baby), he just laid in my arms looking up at me with a content expression on his face. We named him Nightfury for the Nightfury dragon in the movie "How to Train Your Dragon"(which we just love). The dragon is modeled after a cat(and horse but I see more cat in the personality) and since he is black and our kitty is black, it was perfect. Sometimes he really acts like a dragon and runs around so fast you'd think he was flying!! These photos on this lo are all from his first day we got to bring him home.

I made the images using Cricut's "Meow" cartridge and then put a little glitter glue around the edges of the collar so that it looks like Nightfury's actual collar. My husband came up with the title. lol!! The photo in the bottom left corner is from the Humane Society and my husband had put his name on it when it was time to open gifts. I might have to post the card he made me sometime in the future. It was really cute and sweet. 
The paw print brads I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby and they were just so cute I had to have them!

 I really miss how he used to climb onto my shoulder and get right next to my face and sleep/cuddle with with me. He did this on his first day home with us. He was a cuddler from the start.
 First family pic with our fur baby!!
 He was quite the curious kitten the first day and he later wore himself out and fell asleep on Bill's lap and Bill covered him up with his baby duck blanket that he came with.

 I have much more crafting/cleaning/planning to do today so I'd better get to it! Don't forget that next Tuesday starts Let's Scrap's INSD celebration. It's going to be so much fun!!

Thanks for looking and happy scrappin'!


  1. great close ups Jennifer! such a cutie pie :)

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