Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July B-Fast and Rosette Headband

Hi everyone,

So in honor of upcoming 4th of July, I decided I had to have a festive breakfast today and tomorrow. My breakfast(courtesy of Pinterest), was toast with cream cheese spread on it, then strawberry jelly over that, and then layer your blueberries and bananas to look like the American flag. It was very yummy. My husband tried one that I made for him with peanut butter and he said he liked that one better. I did not try it but the cream cheese was good, but I have a feeling I would also like the peanut butter one better.

Peanut Butter one on the left, cream cheese on the right.

I also decided to make a headband to wear tomorrow for the 4th's festivities. I'm very please with the results and hopefully I will have better pictures tomorrow after wearing it.

So here are my supplies: 3 different kinds of ribbon, a white headband, felt, rhinestones(which I ended up not using), and also a glue gun and scissors.

I also used these Glubers that you can find in the scrapbooking section. They were a nice sticky base to start my rosette and then I just added hot glue to the sides to really hold my rosettes together. Then you just add some felt to the other sticky side of the gluber. 

Here are my three twisted and rolled rosettes.

 I then hotglued the rosettes onto the headband...I ended up not wanting to use the patterned white rosette...I'm sure I'll think of something to use it for tomorrow. :)

Here's a slightly better photo.

Hope you have a happy 4th and we'll see you tomorrow!!

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