Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Layout I Promised from Yesterday

Evening! What a busy first day of the week after the holiday weekend. I got called this weekend to substitute today and tomorrow since the teacher's car broke down out of state and no mechanic shops were open to fix the car until today. So, I had a full day of  teaching, came home and did some stuff around the house and took a REALLY brief cat nap, and then the husband and I had a 2 hour rehearsal from 7-9 p.m. We are doing Mozart's Requiem this coming weekend in memory of it being a decade since 9/11 happened. I have a few rehearsals this week...I'm really hoping to sneak in some scrapping somewhere.

I finally finished my other layout today...just had the title to put on. Thank you to my husband for picking up the refill for my Xyron on his way out of work. This layout is of our dollar dance. It's a much simpler layout b/c I had a large amount of pictures on this 2 page layout. I really wanted to include this page and it I wanted to include as many photos of it as I could since it was pictures of our guests. All I did for this page was took some red paper and I had some rose print vellum paper I layered on top of that, added the ribbon for the border, different shapes of the pictures, and my title with Cinderella and her prince dancing.

Here it is and thanks again for checking it out!

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