Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ScrapFit Workout #57-Word of the Year

I am back again tonight!

ScrapFit's Workout 57 is to pick a word that best describes how you want to embrace the new year. I chose the word firework for Katy Perry's "Firework" song and the message of the song. This new year I want to be unstoppable and accomplish everything I want instead of holding myself back and keeping myself from accomplishing those things.

Here is my layout:
I included the lyrics to Katy Perry's song "Firework" and also a picture about  kind of living your life to the best you can that I find inspirational. In the bottom left hand corner are my goals for the New Year. This is kind of doubling as my inspiration board. I think I am going to frame this and pick a nice spot that I will see it and keep me focused. 

I also took my title and used green stickles glitter on it. I wish I could capture the sparkliness of the title but I'm not that skilled at that. lol 
Here is the close-up of the photo I used. I loved this the moment I first read it! 
Some of the goals/resolutions I listed in my layout are:

  • Lose 40 lbs. 
  • Exercise 3x a week
  • Drink Water(I know the first 3 are all working toward the same goal, but I wanted to make sure my goals were very specific this year so I have a good base to succeed). 
  • Do at least 1 craft project a month that is not scrapbooking(I have so much on my pinterest boards that I want to try)
  • 365 Photo Challenge-1 photo a day~I used to take photos like crazy and I've been taking lots of photos for my blog, but I've noticed I haven't been taking much of my husband and I or our life. We haven't had too much going on, but I want to take photos even of the simplest, everyday things. They don't have to be special occasions or holidays. 
  • Read 2 books a month~I'm such a bookworm....however, I've been slacking this past year...I miss reading and I want to make time for it again even when I feel there is no time. 
All of these goals are ways of fitting in "me" time. Being good to myself this year and being that firework that makes everyone say "oh, oh, oh". 

I'm also planning on making more detailed lists elsewhere for keeping track and even more specific projects/goals that will help me accomplish the above goals. 

Thanks for looking again and I wish everyone luck with their New Year's resolutions. 


  1. How exciting! I love the layout and your goals for the year are outstanding! Have fun accomplishing your goals! Happy New Year!

  2. You found such fab inspiration in this song for this wonderful LO!! I hope you reach all your goals! Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFIT! ~ Blessings