Sunday, March 4, 2012

Favorite Valentine's Day Memory + Let's Scrap Blog Hop Winner

Hey Everyone!!

The blog hop has ended. :( It was a great success and there were so many wonderful creations! Thanks for playing along and thanks to Mindi for organizing this fantastic hop!!

I was a winner of all of you fabulous ladies following me now! I went from 15 followers to 99 followers! I think a giveaway is in store on this blog soon so keep checking back for more details really soon!

I really enjoyed reading all your favorite Valentine/love memories and now I think I will share one of mine. My husband(then fiance) on Valentine's Day 2008 surprised me after I had just come back from class. We were both still in college and I had just come back to the apartment and when I opened the door and looked in the living room I saw this:

So I followed the rose petals to the bedroom and  then I found this on my bed:

A giant teddy bear, a Beauty and the Beast snowglobe, and a bottle of bubble bath. He wrote i love you in rose petals and then had a bunch of Valentine's cards with a letter on each of them that said "Be My Valentine".

This year I got a surprise on the counter: a bunch of flowers in a mason jar with a coupon he made:

This is only the 2nd batch of flowers that I've received from him in our 7 years together. I was really excited about them. I can't really complain though because of all the other unique things he does...such as naming a star on our 2 year anniversary(dating). I also loved the fact that when he woke up and asked if I liked the flowers, he also asked if he made the right choice in not getting roses. Roses are nice but I really love different less traditional flowers and color! He knows me so well. :) 

So, now what you've really all been waiting for. The winner of this bunch of fabulous goodies:

I put all the names on strips of paper in a basket. For those of you who commented and did the sketch, you got your name in twice:
I had my hubby shake it up and select a name out of the basket:
And the winner selected randomly is:

Kelly, email me at with your shipping info. so I can send the lovely gift above to you!

To view the complete list of all winners on the blog hop go here:

I can't wait for the next the next blog hop! Now to go watch the latest episode of Grimm. 

Happy Sunday everyone!!

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  1. Hi Jen, I wanted to let you know I received my goodies in the mail today from the blog hop!!!! I am so excited, thank you so very much! Cant wait to play with them!!!!