Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Sunday and a Birthday!

Happy Sunday everyone!

And a Happy Birthday to my mama!!

My mom and I on my wedding day.
So I had to make a birthday card of course! I love being able to make my own cards and am so happy I got addicted to it. :D 

The paper is from K & Company's Spring Blossom stack and then I just inked around the birthday sentiment with pink(mom loves pink) and then I had to play with my glitter glues on my flowers. I hope they dry by tonight. lol! I added a couple of butterflies, also by K & Company. I'm pretty sure she'll love this card. 

We'll be going to Bismarck for her birthday supper tonight and my DH and I will be driving them in my new car! 
My car broke down AGAIN and decided we are so not putting any more money into fixing it when the next week it will probably have something new wrong with it. This car will do me just fine. It is a 2003 silver Lincoln Town Car and it has a lot of bells and whistles I'm not used to having(my old car was a 1989 oldmobile cutlass supreme). The car has seat and mirror memory, comfy leather seats that are heated(!!), a huge trunk, and keyless entry. My husband said that it would be super awesome if my car had a multiple disc changer. While we were messing around with the keyless entry and getting that set up, we discovered in the trunk that it does in fact have a multiple disc changer!!! This car is just too awesome. I hope it lasts me for quite a while and I'm more than willing to put money into this car than my older car for repairs. My husband is quite jealous of the car and said that he has designated it as the new town car(no pun intended) and that when I don't have to work, he'd like to take it in to work. I guess that's ok. ;) 

I'm pretty excited for supper tonight and hope my mom likes the card. Hopefully I will get all my cleaning done today and also get some scrapping done!! 

Have a great Sunday and maybe I'll see you all later!!


  1. You were a beautiful bride! Your mom must be very happy upon receving the card ~ it's beautiful! Love your new car =D Hugs!

  2. beautiful card!
    PS. I answered your question about the ribbon on my blog