Friday, June 1, 2012

Playing with Avri-INSM12#17

Hi everyone!!

June 1st already and INSM at Let's Scrap is officially over now! I had so much fun doing the challenges and last night I wanted so much to get the remaining 3 I had left to do done before the deadline but with working 2 jobs most of this week, it just didn't happen. I got one more challenge done and when I say I made it and submitted it last minute...I mean last minute! It was due by 11:59 last night and I submitted it at 11:58!! It was quite the dramatic upload too as my technology was running slow and not cooperating.

This was for Cheri's sketch INSM12#17 challenge and it was using hexagons since they are so big in the scrapbooking world right now! I have been wanting to try them for some time but hadn't had the chance to do it yet. I thought this challenge was a good one to to do and try them for the first time and the subject of the layout was also very cute!

Here is her sketch!!
Here is my take on it:
We visited our friends and our God daughter last weekend on Memorial weekend and it's been a while since  she has seen us and she was a bit scared at first, plus she didn't feel well. Once she warmed up to us a bit, she brought her blocks over to me for us to play with and you totally can't tell she had a 104 degree fever!! Poor thing had to go to the ER this day b/c the fever kept rising and she had white spots all over the back of her throat!! She was quite happy in these photos though!! The one thing I forgot to add in this lo was my journalling! In my haste to get this submitted on time, I forgot it! I will be adding it in this weekend though.

Thanks for taking a looksie and have a great weekend and get your craft on!!

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  1. What a wonderful layout! I hope the little sweetie is feeling better!