Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don't Forget Let's Scrap's Leap Around the World Hop Tomorrow!

Hey everyone!

Quick post today...sorry I've been MIA, but we are packing and getting ready to move soon. Chaos has taken over here at our apartment. We are moving into my parent's place for a short time...we are so close to being able to get approved for a loan to get our first house!! So, why trap yourself in another lease where rent is being raised again that is going to be way more than a house(of the size we want) when you're so close? Anyone else been here before? I'm sure you'll understand then. :)
But, I just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow begins Let's Scrap Leap Around the World Blog Hop!!!! I'm so excited!!

Check here for the original announcement for the blog hop and please stop back tomorrow for all the details and the blog line-up. It's going to be amazing!!!

Hope to see you all there!
Now I need to go back to packing. *sigh*


  1. Woo Hoo! I'm so excited about the hop!

    I admire your work! I am passing the Liebster Award to you. Come check it out on my blog:



  2. Posting, moving and creating...all at the same time! Girl, you give new definition to double tasking! Good luck as you begin a new phase in your life as home owners!

  3. Hi Jennifer made to your blog, I became a follower a few days ago and of course I love Let's Scrap. On my way over there to post my card for your sketch.