Thursday, February 16, 2012

Last Honeymoon Layouts :( + Follow Me on Good Reads!

Hi everyone!

Just an update on what's new in my part of the world...We are busy packing and moving! I worked a full day of teaching music today and then right after was busy moving lots of furniture to my parent's place with my hubby and parents. It's quite the mess at our place right now...I hate moving...but I'm praying that by August-ish that we'll finally be able to be approved for a loan to finally get our first house! Here's hoping to not paying rent anymore!

I have a few layouts to share with you today. These are my last honeymoon layouts! My albums are now completed...I'm I need to get caught up on my other scrapbooks and I want to do something new and fun again just so I can scrap it! lol

Also, I recently added my Good Reads feed on the homepage if anyone has Good Reads and is interested in being friends and sharing the love of reading and sharing our Good Reads! If you are interested, please click on my feed on the home page and add me as a friend on Good Reads and just let me know how I know you(blog follower and such). I would love to see what everyone else is reading and get more ideas for my future reading list.

Here are the final honeymoon layouts:

At the Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage show. I used Let's Scrap sketch  4-6-11

The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater was so cool! You got to eat in booths that are old-fashioned cars and watch old black and white Sci-Fi movies on a big Drive-In Theater screen. The waiters served your food and delivered it by roller skates. This was my husband's pick for restaurant and it was a great choice! I used Let's Scrap sketch 5-4-11

This was our Disney honeymoon photo shoot at the Grand Floridian that my parents gifted us for the wedding. These are only 8 of the 70-something pics that I have. I loved this...I used Let's Scrap sketch 1-11-12
I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and I will be back later to share a little bit of our Valentine's Day and the card I made. 

Have a great night!

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