Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cake Batter Milk Shakes

Hi everyone!

So as promised, I'm going to show you what I mad for dessert Tuesday night. This is not an original idea and I found it on a blog I follow called "A Beautiful Mess". You can find the original post for this dessert HERE.

I made cake batter milkshakes!! Such a genius idea and so good! I didn't exactly follow their recipe in terms of quantity as they used the whole cake mix and their servings it makes is 3-4. Mine might be more than that as when I mixed up the cake mix minus the eggs and started mixing in the ice cream and milk, I thought it would be too much chocolate for me. GASP!! Yes, I just said that. I did not measure anything so I can't tell you exact measurements. I want to say it's a scoop of the cake mix and then you can just play with the milk to ice cream ratio to get your desired consistency.

In terms of flavor for the milkshake, I chose to use a Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge cake mix and then instead of chocolate ice cream(fear of too much chocolate especially since the hubby would be drinking it) I just used vanilla.

I made them last night as well for my parents since I still had some cake mix left(I just refrigerated it) and even my dad said that he wouldn't have too much of it since it is so rich. And guess what....?? I STILL have leftover cake mix to make more of it! So really, I have made 5 servings of it so far and I still have quite a bit of cake mix left to use. But again, it depends on your tastes and how rich/chocolaty you want it. You're just going to have to play with your food!! You can definitely taste the cake batter in it and it's a yummy texture. By the way, it really helps to have a working blender. :/ Give it a try!

Give it know you want some. ;)

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