Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pinterest D.I.Y. Coffee Creamer

Hi everyone,

Hope you all have had a great Sunday as it draws to an end to start another work week. We got the chance to hang out with friends that we haven't had the chance to hang out with in months! We had supper and caught up with each other at Buffalo Wild Wings and then afterwards we went to see The Dark Night Rises again. Bill and I had seen the midnight showing of it but this was our friend's first time seeing it. It was so good we didn't mind seeing it again.

I wanted to just share another pinterest idea I tried recently for making your own coffee creamer. I just can't have my  coffee plain! Must have flavor and I'm hoping that this will save on money and also having just 3 ingredients in it is awesome!! I have a few different versions of it that I have pinned but this one is using syrup.

You will need:

14oz. sweetened condensed milk
14oz. milk
2 tsp. of whatever syrup you want to use.

I used chocolate syrup and it's sugarless which is great! Once you have all your ingredients you just put everything in a mason jar and mix it up!

All mixed up and ready to put in your coffee!! It was so yummy and SIMPLE to make!!
I'm thinking next time I might mix it up by putting in some chocolate syrup and caramel syrup.

Make some yourself and save some money and calories!!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Thank you for this post! I used up my coffee flavoring this morning! This sound delicious! I may have to go to the grocery store today!